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Oh, well shit

Hi I just had a nervous breakdown in my car and I've been sitting here in the aftermath of my crying feeling utterly alone and psycho. I've been in a deep dark depression for a long time I think I need mental help but I'm so scared to even turn to my family and friends... This has happened before and everyone treats me like a bomb about to go off I hate it so much. I dunno what to do. I just don't want to feel this way anymore... :( sorry to dump that on you I'm just so scared idk I'm so sorry.


Just take some time to breathe. Maybe go home and take a bath or refreshing shower. Whenever I have a breakdown like that it always feels good to be in my bed, watching a stupid tv show and just not having to think. Whether you’re alone or with a close friend, just take some time to relax 🌸 you need to calm yourself before you can think clearly on how to heal yourself

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